Clean Rooms in Laboratories

How can you maintain clean rooms in laboratories?

Organize the lab to the optimal level, it first must be clean and sanitary. Remove leftover debris and residue prior to arranging equipment in the proper configuration. Read more on what are the factors to be considered during maintenance of laboratories in rest of the article.

Laboratory Layout

  • A clear workflow must be put in place
  • Doors & pathways must be free of critical processes – no blockage of airflow
  • Include only a single access point
  • Account for all contamination risks – equipment, personnel, exit points, etc.

Regular Maintenance

  • Cleaning equipment itself can be a source of contamination
  • Depending on the ISO classification, you can decide what chemicals must be used to clean the space
  • Special clean room friendly solvents & brooms are available
  • Maintenance must be scheduled periodically

Equipment Maintenance

  • Equipment can affect cleanliness either due to the space they Maintenance occupy or after usage during experiments
  • Technicians must clean out fume hoods and other ventilated devices regularly
  • HVAC control system must be monitored for temperature, pressure, and humidity

Air Quality

  • Air samplers or settler plates must be used to identify the degree of contamination
  • They must be checked for the presence of microbial organisms based on particle size and growth on media
  • They must be kept out for at least 4 hours before incubation

Employee Training

  • Dress codes must be followed at all times, and PPE is mandatory
  • SOPs must be present for emergencies such as spills
  • Decontamination procedures are a must – cleaning with scrubbers/ showers
  • Employees must be trained in using equipment such as fume hoods, etc.