Our exclusive laboratory furniture is designed for productivity

Every laboratory and lab personnel has specific needs and hence personalized detailing has to be incorporated in lab furniture to make laboratory an ideal friendly workplace and a zone of comfort. The users have a choice of modular laboratory furniture amongst strong, sturdy powder-coated steel, rust-free long-lasting wooden and application-oriented sober stainless steel furniture.

modular furniture instrument tale

Instrument Table

As a laboratory furniture manufacturer, we ensure the Instruments tables are designed to accommodate the instruments/laboratory equipment as per their size and application. Provision of electrical outlets may be made at regular intervals if needed. Keyboard facility and CPU shelf are the optional components for the instruments attached to the computer. Utilities for water and other gases can be incorporated as per the requirements.

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modular furniture working bench

Working Bench

It is like Double Analytical Table (DAT), but to be used from one side of the table. Also, corners are fully utilized as storage space.

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modular furniture centre table island bench

Centre Table / Island Bench

Center Table (chemical lab furniture) / Island Bench is designed to work from both the sides of the table. This will have Reagent Bottle Racks above the table with electrical outlets if required. It could be provided with Sink Units and other utility services as per the need.

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Writing Table

The Writing Tables are used in the office area within the lab. Like Manager's cabin, Chemist's Table, Meeting Table and Conference Table. This can have side tables for filing purpose in case required. The laminated / post-formed bench tops are preferred with keyboard drawer.

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Work Stations

These laboratory furniture tables are made with flexible frame system with fewer modules or no modules. It is a tubular construction. Also, it may be provided with a sliding wooden module on request.

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